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If experiencing the unnatural and learning more about the unknown gives you chills up your spine; welcome to Paranormal Club! This spectrum of inquirers choose to question the paranormal and to share their experiences and beliefs in a spooky, yet safe environment. Feel free to come haunt Room 410 Tuesdays at Lunch and join the Paradorks!

Paranormal Club is where students and teachers are given the opportunity to express and discuss their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and insight for all things paranormal. Together, we will make a safe and comfortable environment to discuss the paranormal, learn more about the unknown, and discover investigative techniques and critical thinking skills when it comes to finding reliable evidence during an investigation. Discussions may also include extraterrestrial life, intuitive powers, astrology, the afterlife, religion, the supernatural, even the application of science as a way to support or debunk evidence, and more. All viewpoints are accepted and encouraged